When will the world’s fastest plane start flying?

The fastest aircraft in the world has been developed, which is capable of flying at a speed of about 6,500 km per hour.

fastest plane

According to foreign media, this high-speed plane is the fastest in the world, It has been named Maryland Son of Blackbird, this plane can fly at a speed of more than 6435 km per hour, and it is such a speed. At this speed, the journey from America to Europe can be completed in just one and a half hours.

According to the report, this world’s fastest plane will start regular flights in 2025.

The world’s fastest plane named Maryland Son of Blackbird will start regular flight in 2025. This aircraft is capable of flying at a speed of more than 6437 kilometers per hour.

Designed as a super-fast, hypersonic high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, the SR-72 is considered to be the most advanced aircraft ever built by the U.S. Air Force to demonstrate its aerial capabilities and command of the skies. It is part of a mission to improve and is being created by aerospace company Lockheed Martin.

It is said to be able to reach hypersonic speed in the blink of an eye, firing hypersonic weapons at a much better rate than any aircraft in the past, but more importantly, it can stay at that speed for much longer. Can even fly.

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